Using Plex and unable to pair the Apple remote

‘Apple remote works, but will not pair!’

That was my search phrase in Google to try and solve a problem that has annoyed me for months. I could pair a remote to the Apple-TV, but my Mac mini would not accept the pairing. Both remotes worked fine though, just not the way I wanted.

Here’s the scenario for my decidedly 1st World problem:

apple-remoteI have a Mac mini (late 2012 running OSX Mavericks) and an Apple TV sitting next to each other in my living room.

They both use the same remote control. Out of the box either one of the remotes will control both the Mac mini and the Apple-TV at the same time.

Pair the remotes

Apple has a solution for this, you can pair one remote to one device, so that it does not accept input from anything else than the remote it is paired with. You can find instructions  for Apple-TV here. And for the mac mini here.

Those instructions worked like a charm on the Apple-TV, but not on the Mac mini. Nothing happened at all.

Using Plex or XMBC? DIsable the remote first

The trick to get the pairing with the Mac mini to work, is to first disable the remote as a input device in your mediaplayer.

  1. Open plex and go to preferences -> system -> Input Devices
  2. Set the Input Devices selector to Disabled
  3. Select ok on the prompt. Have a keyboard handy, remote will stop working
  4. Quit Plex
  5. Pair the remote to the Mac mini
  6. Start Plex, and enable your remote again



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